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Beyond Research is a European not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting research outreach and engagement in society to achieve greater impact, collaboration, and acceptance among relevant stakeholders.

We bring together experts and member organisations from grassroot science engagement initiatives across Europe as well as communication, dissemination, and exploitation professionals with a long experience in both national and European research and innovation projects (FP7, Horizon 2020).


We address all scientific areas, with special focus on research contributing to the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

Beyond Research was created in 2020 and is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.

Our network


Beyond Research members are well established civil society actors active in science engagement and outreach. Together, they act as a valuable pool of expertise and enable access to existing audiences and communities of followers across Europe, both of which can be mobilised in joint projects. Interested in membership? Contact us!


Pint of Science

Pint of Science is the world's largest science festival, with chapters in 29 countries and 140.000+ participants each year. 


Société Astronomique de France

The French Astronomical Society promotes the development and practice of astronomy for all. 


On the Moon Again!

On the Moon Again is a worldwide event enabling people to discover the Moon through an astronomical telescope, right from the corner of the street 

Our Team


Elodie Chabrol


Elodie has a PhD in Neurogenetics from Paris Descartes University and has been pursuing research as a postdoc at UCL, London, where she got involved in the creation of the Pint of Science festival, before founding the French chapter of the festival in 2014.  Four years later, she decided to leave research to become a full-time science communicator, while at the same time taking on the role of International Director for Pint of Science. 


She is passionate about helping scientists to share their love of science with the public, and believes a tardigrade emoji is worth a thousand words.

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Alec Walker-Love
The communication strategist

A science-curious communication specialist convinced the humble researcher has the ideas and powers to change the world… if only they could share them better!

Alec likes to get under the skin of what target audiences understand, believe and do before getting creative on how to engage them. He does this working with innovative industries, research groups and scientists in a wide range of sectors with a sustainability focus; from mobility and energy to oceans and climate change. 

Beyond ‘Beyond Research’, he can be found trying to balance competing passions for food, fatherhood and cycling and working with his consultancy business, Receptive Field. 

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Chloe Hill
The sustainability transformations strategist

Chloe is a seasoned sustainability communications specialist and futures strategist. She holds a PhD in sustainable development and has over 20 years of applied global experience working across both the public and private sector. Through leveraging a powerful combination of transformative communications, sensemaking approaches, deep sustainability expertise, futures strategy and conscious leadership techniques, Chloe levels up the leadership and impact of organisations that are eager to propel and shape the global sustainability movement and help secure a sustainable future for our planet. 

When she isn't nudging the needle of behaviour change, you can find Chloe dabbling in creative writing and crafting fantastical short stories about the weird and the wonderful

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Marie Treibert

The Artist

Marie is a science popularizer and creator of the YouTube channel and blog “La Boite à curiosités” (The Box of Curiosities). When she is not dressed as a tardigrade or a slug for her own channel, she works as author and presenter of the French National Centre for Scientific Research’s YouTube channel (CNRS) to promote French research with accessible and humorous video content.  Graduate from a high school of art and craft, Marie is an all round artist who is ready to make use of any medium to put science in the spotlight! 

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